Hello, my name is... I don't want to tell it to you for now :) We are not that close yet :) But I got some work here and you will help me.

Okay, you decided to install SAPID. Honest! I'm here to help you.

First of all, we need to set some file permissions. Here's the list:

usr/dump 777
usr/dump/*.* 777
usr/extensions 777
usr/extensions/*.* 666
usr/templates 777
usr/templates/*.* 666
usr/templates/images 777
usr/xml 777
usr/xml/*.* 666
usr/xml/content/ 777
usr/xml/sdc/ 777
usr/xml/vdb/ 777
usr/xml/vdb/books/ 777
usr/xml/vdb/news/ 777
usr/xml/vdb/allcomments_index/ 777
log 777
etc/rc.conf.php 666
.htaccess 666

I can do it for you, but in this case give me your ftp data. I promise, I'll forget it after doing my work:

FTP host to connect.:
FTP username:
FTP password:
Path to SAPID from FTP root:

Otherwise, if you do not trust me or permissions already set let's continue.Also you can explore the working version of SAPID at demo.xmlsapiens.org, order a space for your project at SAPID Farm or find a freelancer for your project